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What approvals do I need

There are many factors that determine which assessment pathway you take for your proposed development. Find out what approvals you require.

Exempt Development

Many minor and low-impact works don’t need development or construction approval, find out if your development is exempt from council approval.

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Complying Development

Is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development.

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Development Applications

Is a formal request to us for consent to carry out your proposed development. You’ll need to apply for a DA if your proposal doesn’t meet the standards set out for exempt or complying development.

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Construction Certificates and PCA Appointment

After you’ve obtained a DA, you'll need to obtain a Construction Certificate to commence building works.

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After you’ve obtained a DA, find out what other approvals you'll need for your proposed subdivision and civil works.

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Plumbing and Onsite Sewage Management Approvals

If you're planning any plumbing works as part of your development you'll most likely need a plumbing approval.

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