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Traffic Management

If you need to undertake works on a road, street, lane or footpath, you’ll need to submit a Traffic Control Plan for approval.

Managing the existing road network and traffic movement gives us the ability to maximise safety, efficiency and reliability. We continually work with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to manage and enhance local transport outcomes to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Manage commuter, bus, freight and tourism movement
  • Improve transport alternatives including bicycling, walking and travel demand management
  • Manage congestion in major urban areas
  • Manage delays caused by planned and unplanned incidents and special events
  • Integrate land use developments into the road network

Traffic control plans

We support the development and growth of our city, but in doing so you may find that you need to undertake works on a road, street, lane or footpath. See below for key information about obtaining approval.

Application process

You’ll need to submit a Traffic Control Plan (TCP) that details the management of temporary changes to traffic conditions, closures and detours for our approval in accordance with:

  • the Road Transport Act 2013 
  • RMS Traffic Control at Work Sites Manual
  • Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2009 - Traffic control devices for works on roads

All submissions for approval must be prepared by a RMS qualified person/s.

Inaccurate information or inconsistencies may result in the assessment of your application being either delayed or rejected.

Our Traffic Management team will review your TCP to assess the impact on the movement and safety of road users including vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. If the TCP is satisfactory, we’ll approve it subject to conditions.

Download Application

Approval conditions

We’ll include conditions with your TCP approval that need to met. Standard conditions apply to every TCP and depending on the type of proposed works and site conditions, we may also include additional specific conditions.

Standard conditions

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