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Community and youth

Our community and youth programs support growth and development and provide an avenue to meet other people in the area.

Community Centres

There are five community centres in Albury, which provide learning opportunities through group activities and short courses.

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Retro Lane Café

The large, multi-functional cafe is an open and friendly space where young people are welcome to join in regular activities.

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Play spaces

We have 90 playgrounds, providing a diverse range of play experiences for children of all ages.

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Wood Fired Ovens

When you have some fire, some delicious food and a space for the community to share, you end up with a pretty amazing thing.

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Community gardens

AlburyCity supports and encourages community gardens as a valuable recreational activity. Community gardening contributes to the health and wellbeing of the wider community and provides a range of environmental stewardship, social and educational and community benefits.

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