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Collection days and bins

Find out about our weekly waste collection – including when to put out your bins for collection, and how to order new bins and get damaged bins repaired or replaced.

We have a three-bin system (organics, recycling and general waste) for residents and small businesses to dispose of their waste correctly. Larger volumes of residential waste and recyclables need to be taken to Albury Waste Management Centre.

How often are my bins collected?

As a standard service, all households and small businesses have a 240 litre green-lidded organics bin, which is collected weekly, as well as a 140 litre red-lidded garbage bin and a 240 litre yellow-lidded recycling bin, which are collected on alternating fortnights.

When is my collection?

Not sure which bin goes out when? Our collection calendar provides a simple guide to collection days so you can be sure of having the right bins removed every time.

What goes in my bins?

  • You can put all your food scraps including fish, meat and bones, tea-bags, coffee grounds and cooked foods into your green-lidded bin.

    Garden waste such as prunings, grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers can also be included. You can also put in paper towel, pizza boxes, shredded paper, tissues and pet droppings.

    However, you cannot include things like plastic bags, general household waste, treated or laminated timber, these need to go into your red-lidded bin.

    Each year we'll provide new residents with a kitchen caddy and compostable liners and existing residents with additional compostable liners for your food waste. These liners can be placed into your green-lidded bin.

    If you require more kitchen caddy liners, please call into the AlburyCity Customer Service Centre or the Lavington Customer Service Centre to collect.

    These liners are compostable, please do not purchase non-biodegradable liners as they cannot break down and are not suitable for the organics system.

    For more information visit Halve Waste

  • The recycling bin is for all your household recycling and can include;

    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Glass bottles, jars
    • Steel cans
    • Aluminium cans, empty aerosol cans
    • Hard plastics such as milk and juice bottles, laundry and household cleaning product bottles

    Please remember that not all recyclables can go in your recycling bin. Things like scrap metal, wire, clothing and polystyrene need to be taken to the Albury Recycling Centre.

    For more information visit Halve Waste

  • This bin is for general household waste including plastic bags, cling wrap, rope, polystyrene, disposable nappies and broken items like plates, toys and oven dishes.

    Please do not add things like:

    • Ashes
    • Building or commercial waste
    • Liquids

    Remember: all food, garden waste and recyclable items need to go into their associated bins.

    Items that are too large for your waste bin can be taken to the Albury Waste Management Centre. To save time and money, it's recommended that you sort these items before arriving at the centre.

    For more information visit Halve Waste

Want to change your bin size?

We understand the standard three-bin arrangement may not suit every household. We can help with that.

If you’d like to order an additional bin, or need a larger or smaller bin, simply fill out the change bin size request form. You can also use this form to arrange a new residential or commercial kerbside collection or cancel an existing one.

Small businesses are eligible for the standard three bin service only. If you feel your businesses requires any changes to this service, you will need to contact AlburyCity customer service team to discuss your options.

Eligibility criteria

If you would like to change the size of your bin for general waste to a 240L, you must meet the following criteria and understand that the Halve Waste team will conduct a compulsory bin assessment to confirm you eligibility.

You must answer Yes to the following statements to be eligible to receive an upsized general waste bin:

  • You place all your food waste into the green-lidded organics bin; and
  • You place all recyclables into the yellow-lidded recycling bin; and
  • Your household consists of six (6) or more people; and/or
  • Your household has two members in your household that are either in nappies or have medical reasons that require more household generated waste requirements.

If you DO meet the above criteria, you will be eligible to:

  • Request an upsize to a 240L general waste bin*

Please note: a compulsory bin assessment will be conducted for all general waste upsize requests.

* This request will be forwarded to the Halve Waste team to arrange a bin assessment (place all 3 bins to the kerb). 

If you DO NOT meet any of the above criteria, options available to you are as follows:

  • Upsize your recycling bin (360L)
  • Order an additional recycling bin
  • Order an additional organics bin

If you would you like some additional help and education on what goes into each bin, email the Halve Waste Educator at, go to the Halve Waste Website or contact our Customer Service Centre staff on 02 6023 8111.

Change Bin Size Request Form

Additional charges apply if you want to upsize your bins or order an additional bin, while reduced charges apply for downsizing.*

A weekly general household red-lidded bin kerbside collection may be available to those that meet an approved criteria based on medical reasons.

Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.

* Charges are based on an annual charge so the amount you pay will be amended to reflect the remaining months in the financial year.