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Outdoor activities

Activation of our parks and open space to provide more opportunities for our community to get out and be more active and engaged is an important aspect of promoting Albury’s liveability.

Activities in parks and reserves

We have public spaces where commercial operators can set-up mobile food and drink vending, personal training and canoeing.

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Busking and public address

To busk, undertake a public collection, promote a product or make a public address, you will need approval.

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Outdoor dining, street trading and advertising

Get permission to use public land as an outdoor dining area, a free-standing advertising space or to display products.

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Parking, hoarding, cranes and bins

For temporary parking or hoarding, scaffolding, cranes, lifts, skip and charity bins on the footpath, you will need approval.

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We have a number of promotional opportunities and channels available to help your business access a wider audience.

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