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Comments and Submissions

Make a submission on a proposal currently on exhibition and available for comment.

We welcome submissions on Development Applications during their public notification period. Submissions form part and will be considered as part of the development assessment.

Preparing a submission

To assist us in carefully considering your submission, we appreciate your submission being formatted as follows, including:

Indicate your type of submission

  • Total Objection - Objecting to the proposal in total, outright
  • Partial Objection - Objecting to certain components of the proposal
  • Support with Concerns - Generally supportive but wish to see certain issues addressed
  • Total Support - Supporting the proposal as presented without concerns

Development details
The development application number and address of subject land.

Your details
For notification purposes, include your name, postal address, email and preferred contact phone number during normal business hours.

Your historic relationship with your property, how you currently use your affected property, distance from the proposal and the like.

Specific potential impacts
List these impacts and how each impact will directly affect the use of your property. Also indicate the severity of each impact. The use of dot points for each impact clearly delivers your message. You may also include in your submission the impact upon the public interest.

Conclude your submission with a statement or list indicating exactly and realistically what you want.

Note: Making a submission does not infer the right to refuse or delay the assessment of a Development Application. However, submissions are instrumental in ensuring council is able to consider a truly wide range of potential impacts.

Lodging your submission

You'll need to lodge your submission before the public notification period ends. This can be found on your notification letter or online through our application tracker. You can submit it to us by your preferred method:

  • Online
  • Email
  • Mail - AlburyCIty, PO Box 323, Albury NSW 2640

Once received, your submission will be acknowledged and you'll also be advised of the determination of the application.

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