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Albury Awards

Awards provide an opportunity for our community to recognise and reward those who selflessly dedicate their time and energy for the benefit of our city.

Congratulations to our 2023 Albury Award recipients!

We're excited to introduce the winners of the following 2023 Albury Award categories, who, along with the nominees were announced at a special ceremony held on 19 January 2024 at the Albury Entertainment Centre.

  • Citizen of the Year - Simon Lloyd
  • Young Citizen of the Year - Isaac Kunde
  • Young Citizen of the Year - Les Schmutter
  • Volunteer or Community Group of the Year of the Year - Carevan
  • Active Citizen of the Year - Darcy Brown (Buddy Oldman)
  • Environmental Citizen of the Year - Sreejith Balakrishnan Nair
  • Creative Citizen of the Year - David Todd
  • Mayor's Award - Di Glover

We thank everyone who has put forward a nomination, you've helped us to recognise the many individuals and community groups that go above and beyond for our community.

Albury Awards Feedback

If you attended on the night, let us know what you thought! We want to know how we did on the night to help shape future awards nights.

Responses received before Wednesday, 31 January 2024 will go into a draw to win a $100 CBD gift voucher to spend at select businesses in the Albury CBD.

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2023 Albury Award Nominees

  • Community Groups keyboard_arrow_right
    • Australian Army Cadet
    • St John Ambulance Albury
    • Rotary Club of Albury, Hume
    • Bhutanese Australian Community Support Group
    • Filipino Australian Community of Albury Wodonga
    • Little Kidlets Playgroup Volunteers
    • Carevan
  • Community Members keyboard_arrow_right
    • Rebecca O'Brien
    • Brian Fealy
    • Josie Maxwell
    • Darryl Coventry
    • Isaac Kunde
    • Kye Wilson
    • Chloe Sargent
    • Bev Grunow
    • Diane Martin
    • Dr Ian Cook
    • Les Schmutter
    • Paul Gooding
    • Lloyd Alward
    • Darcy Brown (Buddy Oldman)
    • Sreejith Balakrishnan Nair
    • Kurt Saggers
    • Rebecca Carey
    • David Todd
    • MT Dance Creative- Meegan Strauss, Taylor Falkner & Gabby Berry
    • Di Glover
    • Simon Lloyd
    • Alyce Fisher
“The Albury Awards are a great way for us to acknowledge the wonderful contributions that people are making in our city each and every day” — AlburyCity Mayor, Cr Kylie King
Our proud recipients of the 2021 Albury Awards.

Selection Criteria

Citizen Of The Year and Young Citizen Of The Year

The winner of these prestigious awards will display a significant or outstanding contribution to the Albury community during the current year and/or over a number of years. It may be for a specific project or for ongoing service.

The nominee must have contributed in at least one of the following ways:

  • Significant contribution to the local community over and above what is normally expected from their paid employment/business.
  • Demonstrated leadership on a community issue resulting in the enhancement of community life.
  • A significant initiative which has brought about positive change and added value to community life.
  • Inspiring qualities as a role model for the community.

Community Organisation Of The Year

This is awarded to a community organisation that:

  • Has performed outstanding community service, either during the current year and/or given outstanding service over a number of years; and
  • Has been involved in work that meets a community need or priority.


Nominees for the Citizen Of The Year and Volunteer of the Year Award must be Australian citizens and aged 25 or over on January 26, 2023.

Nominees for the Young Citizen Of The Year must be Australian citizens and aged between 16 to 25 years on January 26, 2023.

A community organisation must be a not-for-profit organisation consisting of four or more members that delivers services within the Albury municipality.

Honour Roll

Our Honour Roll recognises local heroes who have received an Albury Award or who are an Australian Honour recipient.

Australian Honour Recipients

Australian honours recognise and celebrate ordinary Australians who show courage, self-sacrifice, dedication, love and service to their community and humanity. Listed here are the recipients who are an Australian Honour recipient. (Filter: type in postcodes 2640 and 2641)

Albury Award Recipients

We are proud to acknowledge Albury Award recipients who have been recognised and rewarded for their selfless dedication, time and energy for the benefit of our city.

  • Recipients keyboard_arrow_right
    NameAward Year Received
    Simon LloydCitizen of the Year2024
    Isaac KundeYoung Citizen of the Year2024
    Les SchmutterSenior Citizen of the Year2024
    CarevanVolunteer or Community Group of the Year2024
    Darcy Brown (Buddy Oldman)Active Citizen of the Year2024
    Sreejith Balakrishnan NairEnvironmental Citizen of the Year2024
    David ToddCreative Citizen of the Year2024
    Di GloverMayor's Award2024
    Al TaylorCitizen2023
    Tylar ShepheardYoung Citizen2023
    Christine ThomasCommunity Group2023
    Albury Wodonga Multicultural Community Events IncVolunteer2023
    Elizabeth DockseyCitizen2022
    Eli DavernYoung Citizen2022
    Cancer Council Transport to Treatment TeamCommunity Group2022
    Philip CooperVolunteer2022
    Dr Eric MoyleCitizen2021
    Ellie WalshYoung Citizen2021
    Lavington Fire BrigadeCommunity Group2021
    Bruce and Kathy BarnesVolunteer2021
    Graham WalkerCitizen2020
    Joshua RickardYoung Citizen2020
    The Albury Wodonga Equestrian AssociationCommunity Group2020
    Buddhi MajhiVolunteer2020
    Peter DrummondCitizen2019
    Libbity Alexander Young Citizen 2019
    The Rotary Club of Albury Community Group 2019
    Rosemary Creed Volunteer 2019
    Graham Smith Citizen   2018
    Isabella Percy Young Citizen 2018
    City2City Committee Community Group 2018
    Kevin Kennedy Volunteer 2018
    Carl Friedlieb Citizen  2017
    Emma Aldrich Young Citizen   2017
    Border Relay for Life Community Group   2017
    Loretta Buchhorn Volunteer   2017
    Jaara Moran Special Mayoral Award 2017
    David Milne Citizen   2016
    Ram Chandra Khanal Young Citizen   2016
    Lions Club of Lavington Community Group   2016
    Megan Pearce Volunteer   2016
    Benjamin Walther Special Mayoral Award 2016
    Margaret Whittaker Citizen   2015
    Johanna Phommachanh Young Citizen  2015
    Lions Club of Lavington Community Group   2015
    Barry Young Volunteer   2015
    Australian Red Cross 'Hands On' Program Special Mayoral Award 2015
    Tonia Timmermans Citizen   2014
    Breanne Shaw Young Citizen   2014
    St John Ambulance - Family Division Community Group   2014
    Alf Armstrong Volunteer   2014

    James Fallon High School
    Student Well-being Achievement Team

    Special Mayoral Award 2014
    David Ryan Citizen   2013
    Nathan Mackay Young Citizen   2013
    Robyn Daly Volunteer   2013
    Carevan Foundation Community Group  2013
    Eric Turner Citizen   2012
    Rachele Armstrong Young Citizen   2012
    Kevin Mack Citizen   2011
    Emma Pwecy Young Citizen  2011
    Dave Kefford Citizen   2010
    Kate Millward Young Citizen   2010
    Margaret Whittaker  Volunteer  2010 
    Angela Walters Citizen   2009
    Claire Pagulayan Young Citizen   2009
    Allen McCowan Citizen   2008
    Madeline Anstis Young Citizen  2008
    Chris Chant Volunteer   2008
    Steve Bowen Citizen   2007
    Bianca Smith Young Citizen 2007
    Frank Lange Citizen   2006
    Allison Church Young Citizen   2006
    Helen Cheshire Citizen   2005
    Matthew Winnel Young Citizen   2005
    Dawn Prentice Citizen  2004
    Joanne Read Young Citizen   2004
    Judith Harrison Citizen   2003
    Kami Lee Williams Young Citizen   2003
    Cecily Chant Citizen  2002
    Melissa Haberfield  Young Citizen   2002
    Annelies Willinck Citizen  2001 
    Megan Purtell  Young Citizen   2001 
    Thomas Jelbart Citizen  2000
    Michael Winnel  Young Citizen  2000
    Gabe Farrah Citizen   1999 
    Simon Burgess  Young Citizen   1999
    Elwyn Reid Citizen  1998
    Gavin Downes Young Citizen  1998 
    Eileen Purtell Citizen   1997
    Nongkam  Thevansavas Young Citizen  1997
    John Neale Citizen   1996 
    Curt gouma  Young Citizen   1996 
    Eric Turner  Citizen  1995 
    Glen Strauss  Young Citizen   1995 
    Doreen Widdison  Citizen  1994 
    Letitia Quick  Young Citizen   1994 
    Graeme Hicks  Citizen   1993 
    Toryn Chapman  Young Citizen   1993 
    Stephen Rhynenhardt  Citizen   1992 
    Carolyn Morley  Young Citizen   1992
    Gordon Miller  Citizen   1991 
    Michelle Cardwell  Young Citizen   1991 
    Tom Pearsall Citizen   1990 
    Army Apprentice School  Young Citizen  1990 
    Gordon Dowling  Citizen  1989 
    Andrew Callaway  Young Citizen   1989 
    Nelson Kitching  Citizen   1988 
    Petra BergYoung Citizen1988
    Neil Blair Citizen   1987 
    Dimity Boswell  Young Citizen   1987 
    Roy Maloney Citizen   1986
    Caryl Hogan  Young Citizen  1986 
    Arthur Allen Citizen   1985 
    Richard Kochel  Young Citizen   1985
    Jean Holl  Citizen   1984
    Simon Buckpitt  Young Citizen   1984 
    Robin Merritt Citizen   1983
    Glen Trestrail Young Citizen   1983
    Noela Pulver Citizen  1982 
    Tanya Lester Young Citizen   1982
    Elsie Dale  Citizen  1981 
    Tony Wilkinson  Young Citizen   1981

Honour and recognition

In addition to the Albury Awards program, we often receive requests to honour and acknowledge special individuals, groups or organisations who have achieved excellence in the community.  This may include the naming of a public space or facility, the planting of a tree or the placement of an object.

The Honour, Recognition & Awards Policy and Procedure details the criteria and the steps involved when nominating a person or group for this kind of acknowledgement.