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Major projects and works

We're working hard to make Albury a city we're all proud to call home. You can find all the details on our current projects below.

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Endeavour Park Upgrade | AlburyCity

North Albury

Endeavour Park Upgrade

Completion Date: October 2019

Budget: $95,000

We've been successful in securing NSW Government funding to upgrade Endeavour Park in Glenroy.

Noreuil Park Improvements | AlburyCity

South Albury

Noreuil Park Improvements

Completion Date: November 2019

Budget: $1.2M

Improvements are underway at Noreuil Park Foreshore. Stage 2 works have commenced and include an expansion of the carpark and additional pathways.

Eastern Circuit Park Upgrade | AlburyCity

East Albury

Eastern Circuit Park Upgrade

Completion Date: November 2019

Budget: $240,000

We're planning a significant upgrade to Eastern Circuit Park following community input.

South Albury Active Space | AlburyCity

South Albury

South Albury Active Space

Completion Date: November 2019

Budget: $640,000

The construction of outdoor basketball court, upgrade of beach volleyball and installation of fitness equipment, seating, shade drinking fountain and skate elements.

Glen Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade | AlburyCity


Glen Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade

Completion Date: December 2019

Budget: $249,000

The installation four sportsfield light poles and LED lights to increase the lit training area at Glen Park

Tracks and Trails Infrastructure | AlburyCity

East Albury | North Albury | Thurgoona

Tracks and Trails Infrastructure

Completion Date: January 2020

Budget: $100,000

Construction of four shelters with seating and drinking fountain/water bottle filling station

Monument Hill Redevelopment | AlburyCity

Albury Central

Monument Hill Redevelopment

Completion Date: March 2020

Budget: $1,350,000

Extensive landscaping works are planned as part of a long-term plan to upgrade and beautify Monument Hill.

Australia Park Carparking | AlburyCity

South Albury

Australia Park Carparking

Completion Date: April 2020

Budget: $685,000

This project will vastly improve car parking for visitors to our riverside parks.

Airport Precinct Expansion | AlburyCity

East Albury

Airport Precinct Expansion

Completion Date: June 2020

Budget: $625,000

Works are underway on the expansion of the general aviation western precinct to meet future demand for airside lots.

Waste Management Centre Improvements | AlburyCity

Hamilton Valley

Waste Management Centre Improvements

Completion Date: June 2020

Budget: $2.2M

We’re working on a number of projects to make our waste management centre even more efficient, environmentally-friendly and easier to use for customers.


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