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The Albury Animal Care Centre houses dogs, cats and livestock that have been found stray or abandoned or have been seized. If animals cannot be returned to their owners, the centre seeks new homes for them.

Adopt Don't Shop Tile

If you'd like to offer a cat or dog a loving home for the rest of its life, you may want to consider adopting.

Lost and found animals

Contact us if you have found a stray animal or your pet is missing. We'll make every effort to reunite you and your pet if they're picked up by one of our rangers.

Surrendering of Companion Animals

If you find yourself unable to continue caring for your cat or dog, you may surrender your animal to us. By surrendering your cat or dog to AlburyCity, you are transferring ownership of your pet to us.

Responsible pet ownership

You have an obligation to care for the health and wellbeing of your pet, as well as a duty to ensure their activities don’t interfere with your neighbours or the environment.

Microchip and register your pet

If you own a cat or dog and live in NSW, you are legally required to microchip and register your pet. This helps us quickly return your animal to you, if it is lost, injured or stolen.

Albury Animal Care Centre Appointment Request

To request an appointment at the Albury Animal Care Centre please send us your details and the reason for the appointment and we will get back to you to arrange a time to visit.

Albury Animal Care Centre
Albury Animal Care Centre

Albury Animal Care Centre impounds and cares for lost, injured, stray and unowned dogs and cats.

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