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Registration keeps pets safe

All dogs and cats must be registered before they are 6 months old. Please note, you must register your animal within 28 days of these due dates, or a late fee will be payable with your registration fee. See important notice below.

If your pet goes astray, the pound or vet can use your pet's microchip and registration details to contact you and quickly reunite you with your pet.

Registration is cheaper if your pet is already desexed.

NSW pet registry

Pet owners and breeders can create an online profile with the NSW pet registry. You can update your details, notify if your dog or cat is missing, register ownership changes and pay registration fees online.

Breeders are issued with a breeder identification number to record owner and animal information to help track litters over time.

Vets are required to update the register when they desex cats and dogs. Vets are also able to update the register if they believe a pet should not be desexed for medical reasons.

Before you register

Make sure your pet is already microchipped and that you have received your certificate of identification.