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Executive Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and two Deputy CEOs.

We are a community-focused organisation, putting the people, place and progress of Albury at the front and centre of how we are organised, manage ourselves, prioritise our activities and programs, execute our responsibilities and work together as a team.

In short, we are ensuring AlburyCity is the best Council it can be for our community - for what we all need today and for what we have envisioned for tomorrow to ensure we deliver on the commitments we have made to our community through the collaborative development of the Towards Albury 2050 Community Strategic Plan.

Portrait image of Frank Zaknich
Frank Zaknich Chief Executive Officer

Our CEO is responsible for organisation and community strategy, city and regional advocacy, leadership, culture and performance.

He also ensures the efficient and effective operations of the Executive Leadership Team, which comprises our two Deputy CEO’s and is the interface between the organisation and the elected Council.

Portrait image of Tracey Squire
Tracey Squire Deputy CEO Business, Growth & Community

Our Business, Growth & Community Directorate focuses on providing more opportunities for our people, our place and progressing the city.

The groups within this directorate will empower our people, city and region to strive for more and to champion the significance of Albury as a national destination for life, work, culture, sport, entertainment, business and investment.

We build relationships and promote engaging and actionable dialogue with our community and our partners. We ensure good governance and we facilitate a highly engaged, satisfied and well-informed workforce.

Portrait image of Brad Ferris
Brad Ferris Deputy CEO Infrastructure, Planning & Environment

Our Infrastructure, Planning & Environment Directorate focuses on maintaining and improving our special and unique city and its surrounds.

The groups within this directorate take care of our place as well as ensure that we grow and develop the city in a planned, balanced and sustainable way.

We invest in and build infrastructure to meet everyone’s needs, and we provide and maintain quality facilities and services that rival, and even surpass those in larger cities. We are also responsible for preserving our stunning natural environment across our many and varied landscapes.

AlburyCity Honour Roll - CEOs / General Managers / Town Clerks

CEOs / General Managers / Town Clerks of Albury

Years of Service Chief Executive Officer 
Mar 2013-current Frank Zaknich*
Dec 2012-Mar 2013 Michael Keys (Acting GM)  
Dec 2005-31 Dec 2012 Les Tomich  
Feb 2001-2005 Mark Henderson
Aug 2000-Feb 2001 Brian McLennan (Acting GM)  
Oct 1999-Aug 2000 Darren Hartnett
1988-1999 Raymond (Ray) O Stubbs**
1979-1988 Donald I McLean
1959-1979 F Jack Carter
1935-1959 Roy Collings

1910-1935 Albert R Dore
1910 Walter J Andrew  
1907-1910 John Mawdsley Nash
1902-1907 Richard Henry Horsfield
1880-1902 John Hands Paine
1866-1879 Samuel Mudge 
1862-1866 Henry Alfred Brooks  
1861-1862 George Henry Mott
1859-1860 Stuart Fry Blackmore

*General Manager became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 1 October 2019

**Town Clerk became General Manager 1 July 1993

Service Leadership Team

Our Service Model has been designed to ensure we are a contemporary organisation that is future focussed and well positioned to deliver on our shared Council and community vision.

Rather than a hierarchal approach, the model is made up of 10 service clusters. Each cluster is led by a Service Leader reporting to a Deputy CEO.

For more information or to contact our Service Leaders download a copy of our Service Leaders directory.