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Public notices

Public notices advertised in local media, relating to Council events, roadworks, projects and community consultation.

2020 Council Election Administration

NSW Local Government elections are held every four years on the second Saturday in September.  The next election is scheduled for 12 September 2020.

On 9 September 2019 Council resolved to appoint the NSW Electoral Commission to manage the Albury local government election in 2020

For more information on Council elections (including how to stand for election as a Councillor) please visit:

Levels of Government
2020 Council Elections
Becoming a Councillor
Councillor Handbook

Annual maintenance of our cemeteries

Monday 3 February to Friday 14 February

To ensure our spaces remain peaceful, natural and welcoming for family and friends, we'll be carrying out our annual maintenance and beautification of burial and memorial sites at the following spaces:

  • Glenmorus Memorial Gardens Burial Sites
  • Glenmorus Memorial Gardens Cremation Memorial Sites
  • Waugh Road Lawn Burial Sites

To assist us in this, please remove any vases, plastic flowers or mementos that you’d like to keep by 7am, Monday 3 February. All unwanted items remaining on memorial sites after this date will be removed and disposed of by our team. Small mementos can be returned to memorial sites after Friday 14 February.

For further information, please get in touch with our Cemeteries and Crematoria team on 02 6043 5655.

Pesticide use notice

We'd like to advise that herbicides and pesticides will be used for the control of weeds and pests in public and council managed properties intermittently from 10 January 2020 to 4 January 2021.

Areas undergoing treatment will be clearly sign posted and all directions regarding entry must be followed. For further information, get in touch with our Customer Service team on 02 6023 8111.

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