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Be inspired to learn more about the environment and ensure Albury remains a great place to live and visit.

Local wildlife

The region is alive with hundreds of species of wildlife, supporting over 350 varieties of birds, as well as many species of mammals, reptiles and fish.

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Albury Local Environmental Plan 2010

Understand the rules and guidelines we have in place for the control of development in our city through land zoning.

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River Environment

We are committed to our river environments by facilitating knowledge sharing, education and best practice management.

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Our Box Gum Grassy Woodlands are an endangered ecological community with a diverse mix of species dominated by White Box, Yellow Box and/or Blakely's Red Gum trees.

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Wonga Wetlands

Located, downstream from Albury along the floodplain of the Murray River, Wonga Wetlands is one of the city's must-see destinations.

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