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Local wildlife

The region is alive with hundreds of species of wildlife, supporting over 350 varieties of birds, as well as many species of mammals, reptiles and fish.

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Wonga Wetlands is available to visit all year round and matches the natural wetting and drying cycle of a floodplain so your experience will continue to change.

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Wonga Wetlands has a vast history, from the original inhabitants the Wiradjuri, Wavereoo and Dhudhuroa people to the early European settlers.

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Future Planning

Our vision and plan for the future of Wonga Wetlands, a living example of conservation and innovation in our city.

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Aquatic Environment Education Centre

Find out more about our sustainable solution to wastewater management and other hands-on environmental education programs and research opportunities.

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Make the most of it!

Now you know more about Wonga, grab your hat and sunscreen - or raincoat and umbrella, and explore. Enjoy this glorious part of Albury that is looking good and doing good!

Explore the wetlands
Birdwatching at Wonga Wetlands

The constant wetting and drying cycle of the wetlands keeps bird numbers and diversity higher than a natural system, which creates a more intense opportunity for bird watching. With over 154 identified bird species Wonga Wetlands is a birdwatchers paradise

Wonga Wetlands
Wonga Wetlands

Located, downstream from Albury along the floodplain of the Murray River, Wonga Wetlands is one of the city's must-see destinations.

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