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Access and inclusion

Did you know that businesses ignoring the needs of customers with a disability are throwing away hundreds of millions of dollars a year in lost opportunity?

Almost 1 in 5 people in New South Wales live with a disability and, as the population ages, the number of people with a disability, and the average time for which they will have that disability, is likely to increase.

Businesses need to make simple changes to ensure they aren’t missing out.  To help all businesses capture these opportunities, Business Australia (Formerly, The NSW Business Chamber) has developed Missed Business – A Guide to Attract More Customers through better Access.  

Download the missed business guide

Come in We're accessible

We a proud supporter of Come in We’re Accessible a Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission initiative.

For more information visit Come in we’re Accessible.

Note: If your business would like to promote this initiative and how accessible you are, use the promotional material available from Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission.