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Education Centre

Our new education centre - the SMART Centre, has recently been constructed at the Albury Waste Management Centre and is home to our Halve Waste team.

An Education Centre called the SMART Centre has recently been constructed at the Albury Waste Management Centre. SMART stands for Sustainable Management and Resource Training.

The centre aims to develop an awareness of waste and recycling and encourages visitors to evaluate the consequences of their behaviour.  We are encouraging visitors to ‘rethink their rubbish’ and begin their journey on making a difference.

The newly built SMART Centre is home to our Halve Waste Team and is a purpose-built venue perfect for our workshops, seminars and education sessions. It also features a developing sustainable garden in which you can feel free to wander around to gain inspiration.

The Halve Waste Education Program provides a unique opportunity to learn what happens to local waste and is FREE to all schools, educational facilities, businesses and community groups within the Halve Waste region. It has been designed to encourage all age groups to reduce waste generation, increase recycling and decrease waste to landfill.

We are also encouraging anyone who needs a workshop space to contact us as we welcome all sustainability groups to use  the space.

Visits to the Waste Management Centre will include a guided tour of the landfill. Council can provide a bus service and bookings can be arranged via email or via the Halve Waste Website.

Visits to the landfill can accommodated primary, secondary or community bookings.

During tours of the landfill you can learn about:

  • Recycling organic waste
  • Recycling household waste
  • Waste and recycling collection services
  • Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
  • Landfill management and design
  • Landfill gas capture
  • The waste hierarchy
  • Reducing our waste by 75% by 2030
  • New approaches to waste management.

The SMART Centre will be home to three Halve Waste staff who work with Albury, Wodonga, Federation, Indigo, Greater Hume and Towong Councils.
Our goals for the SMART Centre are to encourage a range of people using the space with a specific focus on sustainability and environmental purposes.

For more information please contact our Education Staff at