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Goterra Food Waste Collection

Turning commercial food waste into high-quality resources.

In a unique step towards a circular economy, Goterra has transformed the processing of commercial food waste. The Canberra-based waste management company have developed a Modular Infrastructure for Biological Services (MIBS) unit which uses black soldier fly larvae to consume food waste (packaged or non-packaged) and turn it into a high-quality protein for animal food and soil conditioner for agricultural uses.

Partnering with AlburyCity, Goterra’s newest MIB unit located at the Albury Waste Management Centre will provide a solution to commercial and hospitality businesses who have been recently mandated to manage their organic waste by 2025 (NSW Governments Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041).

It’s expected that 1,800 tonnes of food waste diverted from landfill during the six-month trail. Pending the outcome of the trial, project partners will determine the next steps to ensure our community continues to reduce food waste entering local landfills.

In addition to be environmental benefits achieved from diverting food waste from landfill, financially, the disposal of food waste at the Albury Waste Management Centre is substantially lower than disposing of mixed commercial waste.

What’s accepted in your Commercial food waste bin?

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Interested in knowing more?

If your business generates food waste, contact Goterra to discuss how your business can contribute too, and benefit from the MIB unit located at the Albury Waste Management Centre.

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