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We strive to create equal and inclusive communities, where diversity is encouraged and everyone is respected, welcomed, supported and treated equitably.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

We acknowledge and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the traditional custodians of the country with a range of community initiatives.

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people voting in Australia
The Voice to Parliament

All Australian citizens aged 18 and over must vote in a referendum

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Multicultural Communities-Harmony Day
Multicultural communities

As our population grows and becomes culturally diverse, our aim is to strengthen Albury as a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible Local Government Area.

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Celebrating difference title
Celebrating Difference

Difference is one thing we have in common. Let's celebrate it.

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People with disability

We aim to make Albury an inclusive and accessible city for everyone and provide social and economic opportunities for people with disability.

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Young people

To ensure all young people are connected, empowered, engaged and included, we provide, promote and support activities, services, events and opportunities.

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New residents

Welcome to Albury and thank you for choosing to make your home here. You join a growing number of people who are discovering our a culturally rich, diverse and active community.

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Community Centres

There are five community centres in Albury, which provide learning opportunities through group activities and short courses.

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Albury Wodonga Grants Hub

We have partnered with Wodonga Council and GrantGuru to establish the Albury Wodonga Grants Hub - a customised search tool for finding potential funding opportunities for your business, committee, activity or event.

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Grants and funding

We provide a number of financial and in-kind contributions to a diverse range of eligible groups, individuals and organisations which support cultural, creative and sporting opportunities and infrastructure.

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