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Circular Economy Data Portal

AlburyCity are involved in the NSW Smart City Innovation Challenge trialing a Circular Economy Data Portal. This portal is a powerful tool designed to enhance resource efficiency and sustainability within our community.

Circular Economy Data Portal is here!

The portal is based on a predictive analytics model to identify the type and volume of resources generated by local businesses across the Riverina and Murray Joint Organisations (RAMJO) area. The portal aims to identify the opportunities for businesses to utilise these materials as valuable resources.

Once registered businesses can search for resources within the RAMJO area.

Key Features of the Circular Economy Data Portal dashboard

  • Filter Data: Slice and dice data by material type, industry, and location to find specific information.
  • Interactive Map: View producers and takers on an interactive map.
  • Search: Search by key words to find businesses or resources that your business is looking for.

By participating in the Circular Economy Data Portal your business can:

  • Reduce waste and operational costs including transport costs.
  • Discover new business opportunities.
  • Contribute to a more sustainable and resource efficient community.

Register now and be a part of AlburyCity’s commitment to a Circular Economy. Together, we can turn waste into resources and drive sustainable growth for our region.

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