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Walking and cycling trails

Albury has more than 50 kilometres of interlinked on and off-road trails, offering walkers and cyclists of all ages, safe and enjoyable access to our natural environment and places of interest.

Albury is a great place to explore...

Most trails are flat, shared pathways that you can walk or cycle along with ease.

As you navigate the trail network, you’ll come across great spots to stop and rest, have a picnic or a coffee, or just enjoy the view. For families, ride the trails to Albury’s riverside parks, explore the adventure playgrounds or, if the weather’s warm, stop off at the Albury Swim Centre for a refreshing dip.

Regardless of your age or level of fitness, Albury’s trails are a must if you want to get out, get active and enjoy all that the city has to offer.

One of the most popular trails is the Wagirra Trail, incorporating Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk, which extends from the Union Bridge in South Albury through to the picturesque Horseshoe Lagoon in West Albury. This trail also links with Wodonga’s network of pathways.
The more adventurous can head to Nail Can Hill, to find many trails ideal for mountain biking and hiking. State and National mountain bike championship events are often held there and riders rate the challenging courses as among the best in Australia.
Albury CBD Historic Building Walking Tour

The Albury CBD Historic Building Walking Tour takes you back a hundred years or so into the region's social, political and economic past.

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Albury–Thurgoona Trail

The 2.5 metre wide Albury–Thurgoona Trail runs from South Albury to Thurgoona.

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Bungambrawatha Creek Trail

The Bungambrawatha Creek Trail runs north/south through the city, from Lavington to the Murray River.

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ClimateWatch trail

Experience the Gardens and contribute to a program that helps scientists respond to climate change.

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East Albury Trail

The East Albury Trail is a sealed pathway that connects the Albury–Thurgoona Trail to the beautiful Mungabareena Reserve.

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Heritage walk

Relive the past and learn about the Garden's rich history and significance.

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Nail Can Hill / Ridge Trail

Nail Can Hill is part of the regional crown reserve, to the west of the city, and is an area of extensive undulating bushland.

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Albury World mural on brick wall with many colorful creatures.
Public Art Trails

Take a trip on our public art trail to see the many artworks that reflect our community.

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Rainforest walk

Enjoy a walk and learn more about the Australian rainforest trees and shrubs

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South Albury Trail

The South Albury Trail links the Wagirra Trail with the Albury–Thurgoona Trail, allowing you to walk or cycle from the east to the west.

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Thurgoona Trail

The Thurgoona Trail extends along Thurgoona Drive from the Albury–Thurgoona Trail up to Woolshed Creek. There are also intersecting off-road paths along Table Top Road that allow for exploration of the area.

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Wagirra Trail and Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk

The Wagirra Trail links Horseshoe Lagoon with the South Albury Trail at the Union Bridge. There are many places to stop and picnic or just enjoy the tranquillity of the Murray River.

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West Albury Trail

The West Albury Trail weaves through a number of parks in West Albury and links with the Wagirra Trail.

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Wonga Wetlands Trail

A unique environmental experience exists downstream from Albury along the floodplain of the Murray River – the Wonga Wetlands.

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