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Albury CBD Historic Building Walking Tour

The Albury CBD Historic Building Walking Tour takes you back a hundred years or so into the region's social, political and economic past.

The Albury CBD Historic Building Walking Tour, showcases 21 sites spread over 13 locations along Smollett and Dean Streets.

The tour is the ideal way to experience our beautiful CBD in the context of our rich, pioneering history. Included on the tour are stops at the Albury Railway Station, Botanic Gardens, Beehive Buildings and the former Waterstreet's Hotel.

Bollards mark the stopping points along the tour, and a brief description of each individual landmark is provided. When you approach each site, you will be prompted to listen to audio and scroll through a selection of historic photographs.

The printed brochure (including a CBD map and landmark descriptions) is available from the Albury Visitor Information Centre. Alternatively you can download the mobile app from the App Store or Google Play using the link below.

The full tour takes two hours, but you can stop off at one of the cafes in the area to refuel.

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  • Public Toilets
  • Self guided walk
  • Easy or short walks