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Responsible pet ownership

You have an obligation to care for the health and wellbeing of your pet, as well as a duty to ensure their activities don’t interfere with your neighbours or the environment.


All dog owners have a responsibility to ensure that their dog is well cared for and does not cause a nuisance to others.

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All cat owners have a responsibility to their cat, their community and the environment.

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Poultry and livestock

Council regulates the keeping of animals to ensure the health, safety and amenity of the community and environment.

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Lost and found pets

If your microchipped pet is missing contact us as soon as possible to report it as missing on the NSW Companion Animals Register.

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Companion Animals Act
Companion Animals Act, 1998

The Act is designed to benefit pets, their owners and the wider community to assist authorities in returning lost and injured animals to their owners.

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Dog friendly parks

Every dog needs the freedom to exercise and socialise. That’s why we provide five designated areas where your dog can run and play safely.

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