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Our Councillors provide leadership, vision and set strategic direction as well as make policy decisions on behalf of and for the benefit of you and our community.

As democratically elected representatives, Councillors are also advocates for the community. Their role is to:

  • Be an active and contributing member of the Council
  • Make considered and well informed decisions
  • Participate in development of our Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, including the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program and Operational Plan
  • Represent the collective interests of residents, ratepayers and the local community
  • Facilitate communication between the local community and Council
  • Uphold and represent accurately the policies and decisions of Council
  • Make all reasonable efforts to acquire and maintain the skills necessary to perform the role of a Councillor
  • Be accountable to the local community for the performance of Council

If you wish to make contact with a Councillor, please use the email/phone contact details listed below or call 02 6023 8105 to arrange a meeting.

Meet Your Councillors