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Find out what current and planned works are happening in and around our city.

Updated Thursday 3 June, 2021
  • Drainage improvements and ground leveling works are complete at the Alexandra Park Off Leash Area. With 400 tons of soil and installation of culverts, this will greatly enhance the overall usability of the park during wet periods.
  • Red Gum Park Stage 2 works are now complete with funding assistance through the Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program. Improvements include installation of a new half-court basketball court, concrete linking footpaths, additional seating and drinking fountain with art work and information about the River Red Gum tree.
  • Thomas Street Rehabilitation is continuing, with placement of road gravel this week.
  • Construction of footpath in Griffith Road is ongoing this week.
  • Table Top Road installation of culvert extensions is continuing this week.
  • Thurgoona Cycleway construction along Elizabeth Mitchell Drive is continuing with gravel base construction. Concrete works including road crossings and islands have commenced this week.
  • Thurgoona and Elizabeth Mitchell Drive intersection - with the completion of minor defects and omissions late last week this project is now all complete.
  • Kerr Road Reconstruction Stage 6 - the placement and compaction of select fill material is ongoing along with the installation of kerb and boardwalks.
  • Thurgoona Oval Sporting Pavilion - the builder is currently finalising the designs for the project. Whilst this occurs, we are working collaboratively on an accessibility issue identified by the team’s accessibility consultant.
  • Albury Waste Management Centre Construction and Demolition Waste Material Recovery Facility - the architect has produced a concept design for Council’s review. Whilst this occurs, the architect met with the building utility services engineers to begin work on the utility design packages.
  • Albury Regional Skate Park Facility - with the smaller skate bowl poured last week, the larger skate bowl is being poured this week. Whilst this occurs, electrical service civil works are ongoing.
  • Keene Street Reconstruction - the contractor has been busy placing and compacting lower subbase material near North Street and has been preparing the subgrade between Andrews and Alexandra Streets.
  • Wagirra Trail Pedestrian Bridges - design issues for the suspension bridges are now resolved with the contractor planning to occupy the site next week weather permitting.
  • Schubach Street Watermain - works are close to complete with only commissioning and defects and omissions remaining. This will take a fortnight to complete.
  • Jamieson & Mount Streets Footpath Construction – works are progressing well on the Jamieson Street section and are approximately 75% complete.
  • Vickers Road Footpath Construction – works are progressing well and are approximately 75% complete.
  • Glenroy Area Footpath Construction - works are close to complete with only minor defects and omissions remaining.
  • Road Condition Survey - – survey vehicles are driving around Albury performing a visual condition assessment of our road network which will assist in updating our asset database and in making decisions in managing and maintaining our infrastructure. Works are expected to be completed in early July.
  • Albury Swim Centre Major Plant Replacement - the procurement of the major lead time items and design works is close to complete with a site measure performed this week in preparation for the installation of new plant.
  • CCTV Camera Inspection of Existing Sewer Mains - all that remains are the completion of condition reports on the Sewer Main assets, this was expected to be provided this week.
  • Water Mains Cleaning Program 2020/2021 - works are progressing well with the project being approximately 50% complete.

You can find out more about our major projects here.

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