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Building our City

Find out what current and planned works are happening in and around our city.

Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2023
  • Murray Street kerb reconstruction– kerb works are completed; road repairs are occurring this week.
  • St James Crescent –kerb and gutter replacement is ongoing.
  • Wodonga Place – kerb repairs are being finalised this week.
  • Disabled Car Parks – line marking and signage is continuing.
  • Fallon Street – drainage clean out is continuing.
  • Swimming Pool Car Park – installation of trees is scheduled for next week.
  • Taxiway Bravo –the Contractor is nearing completion of the water main and about to commence construction
    of the second stage of pavement construction.
  • Ian Barker Fields –installation of electrical and hydraulic services around the perimeter of the field is ongoing.
  • Material Recycling Facility –installation of the MRF machinery plant has commenced.
  • Hovell Tree amenities –minor internal fit-out works remain as well as the demolition of the old amenities building.
  • Skate Park amenities – internal wall linings have commenced with fit-off scheduled to begin next week.
  • Horseshoe Lagoon Boardwalk –installation of screw piles has commenced this week.
  • Airport pay stations – on-site works have commenced this week.
  • Centaur Road –construction of the first stage of the road pavement is ongoing.
  • Southern View Drive Drainage – installation of stormwater pipe has commenced along the Riverina Highway.

Image of works