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Building our City

Find out what current and planned works are happening in and around our city.

Updated: Thursday, 18 May 2023
  • Woodstock Court stormwater drainage replacement works are continuing,
  • Heavy patching works are ongoing around the city.
  • Bus stop reinstatement work is occurring around Albury.
  • Line marking is being continued around Albury following completion of the resealing program.
  • Albury Riverside Precinct – timber edge walls, concrete and soft landscaping is ongoing.
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Program – heavily dilapidated lines which were unable to be completed as part of the relining scope of works are being pipe burst.
  • Brooklyn Fields Sewer Augmentation – micro-tunneling works for the new sewer main are approximately 97% complete.
  • Pump House Makers Space – works on the extension have commenced with stumps, bearers, and joints.
  • Material Recycling Facility – erection of the portal frame for the shed continues.

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