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From the delivery of our programs, events, facilities and services, we are dedicated to ensuring transparency, consultation and accountability in everything that we do.

Albury 2030 reports

Six-monthly progress reports and our four-year end-of-term reports show you how we are working towards the vision of Albury 2030.

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Annual reports

Each year we present our Annual Report to demonstrate how we're delivering our community's aspirations for Albury.

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Community satisfaction survey

View results from both the recent and past community satisfaction survey conducted by Micromex Research.

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Compliance Priorities Program

Compliance Priority Programs (CPP) are a progressive way for AlburyCity to approach regulatory obligations proactively, it helps manage resources and will support transparent operational decision-making.

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Environmental reports

We keep the community and regulators updated about our progress on key performance indicators related to sustainability and the environment.

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Financial reports

Our audited statements and the auditor's report for the year ending 30 June and our general purpose financial results

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