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Community satisfaction survey

View results from both the recent and past community satisfaction survey conducted by Micromex Research.

In February 2020 we undertook a satisfaction survey with our community to gauge perceptions of Council’s performance.

On our behalf, Micromex Research called over 400 residents on landlines and mobiles to gain a robust and representative sample of our entire community.

The Community Satisfaction Survey is carried out every two years to assess community views of how we are performing, what is going well and also to identify any gaps in our service to you.

The calls are made on a random selection basis and only residents over 18 can participate. AlburyCity employees and immediate their families cannot take part.

The results

The 2020 survey found that the community rated AlburyCity at 3.68/5 for satisfaction with the 'performance of Council, not just on one or two issues, but across all areas of responsibility'

This is a significantly higher satisfaction rating than the Local Government Area regional benchmark score of 3.34/5.

The 2020 survey found 93 per cent (93%) of residents at least ‘somewhat satisfied’, compared with 88 per cent (88%) in our 2018 survey. Specifically that’s 14% Very satisfied, 50% Satisfied and 29% Somewhat Satisfied.

Drivers of community satisfaction

A number of indicators were found to be the most important in ensuring our community remains satisfied. By addressing these indicators in particular, we hope to improve overall community satisfaction.

The top five key drivers of community satisfaction in 2020 and 2018 were:

2020 Community Satisfaction Survey 2018 Community Satisfaction Survey
Satisfaction with the level of communication Long term planning for Albury
Provision of Council information to the community Community input to Council decision-making
Town planning decisions Town planning decisions
Long term planning for Albury Provision of Council information to the community
Overall condition of the local road network Attracting investment and new jobs
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