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Community satisfaction survey

View results from both the recent and past community satisfaction survey conducted by our independent research partner.

We conduct a Community Satisfaction Survey every two years to understand and identify community priorities, explore resident experiences when contacting Council, and to measure overall satisfaction with Council's performance.

The survey results help identify what is important to the community, what we are doing well, where we need to place more focus, and areas for improvement.

We also conduct a 'check-in' with residents in alternate years to see if levels of satisfaction are changing.

Calls are made by our independent research partner on a random selection basis. Only residents over 18 can participate and AlburyCity employees and immediate their families cannot take part.

2023 Community Satisfaction 'Check in'

A sample of previous survey respondents were re-contacted in February 2023 to see if there had been any increase or decrease in satisfaction. Of these residents, 87% said that their overall satisfaction had increased or remained the same, compared with the rating of 80% that the same participants gave us in 2022. This shows an overall a strengthening of satisfaction with Council.

Residents were also asked what they believe should be the key priority for AlburyCity over the next 12 months. The top five key priorities identified by the community were:

  1. Condition/maintenance of roads and supporting infrastructure - 33%
  2. Infrastructure/services/facilities to cater for the future - 20%
  3. Maintaining the natural and built environment/cleanliness of the area - 18%
  4. Improve Council management e.g., Staffing, planning, communication, and financial management - 12%
  5. Creating a vibrant community/community events - 8%

This result reinforces our focus on continuing a high level of communication with our community, and providing a variety of opportunities to give feedback on the projects and initiatives that matter most.

Our community's feedback also means we will continue to place a high priority on informing our community about maintenance and improvements in their local area, how we are improving our riverside parks, our city's apperance, local roads and sewer services, as well as long-term planning initiatives for our city.

The 'check in' results can be viewed here.

2022 Community Satisfaction Survey

In February 2022, more than 400 local residents were randomly contacted by Councils independent research partner, with 89% of residents stating they were at least ‘somewhat satisfied’ with Councils performance over the previous 12 months.

Despite a marginal decline in overall satisfaction since the last survey in 2020, at 90%, satisfaction levels were significantly higher than other regional Councils, whose combined satisfaction was an average of 83%.

Satisfaction with ease of contact with Council was a strong result at 92%, how the contact was handled was at 84%, and residents indicated that they were satisfied with Council's level of communication at 87%.

In addition, residents were generally satisfied with the 57 services surveyed, with the majority having satisfaction ratings of 70% or higher.

A number of indicators were found to be the most important in ensuring our community remains satisfied. By addressing these indicators in particular, we hope to improve overall community satisfaction.

We heard that a key driver for overall satisfaction is Council's focus on long-term planning, with the work we are undertaking in developing the 'Albury 2050 Community Strategic Plan' providing our guiding light for the future of our region.

Our 'Two Cities One Community' Partnership with Wodonga Council, and the 'Albury Wondonga Cross Border Regional Deal' are also key strategies in planning for our regions' future.

The key drivers of satisfaction were:

  1. Long term planning for Albury
  2. Community input into Council decision-making
  3. Provision of Council information to the community
  4. Riverside Parks
  5. Town Planning decisions