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Permits and approvals

The impact of your business activities on the surrounding area, particularly public health and safety can all require special permission.

Food and drink

All local businesses that serve food to the public are regulated by Council and the NSW Food Authority.

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Hair and beauty

If your business undertakes personal appearance services to comply with public health laws.

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Outdoor activities

Activation of our parks and open space to provide more opportunities for our community to get out and be more active and engaged is an important aspect of promoting Albury’s liveability.

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We have a number of promotional opportunities and channels available to help your business access a wider audience.

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Public and commercial pools

Our role is to monitor the standard of operations of swimming pools to assist you in providing a safe and hygienic swimming environment for your customers.

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Legionnaires disease and regulated systems

Poorly maintained cooling water systems (cooling towers) and warm water systems may provide ideal conditions for the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria.

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