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There is public art in civic squares, streetscapes, parks and some unexpected places, proving that the successful integration of site specific art enhances the enjoyment of the city experience.
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Guguburra's | AlburyCity
Peter Ingram

Installed: 2021

This sculpture is an acknowledgement to our King of birds – Guguburra. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful budyaan (bird) in Wiradjuri country!

Adaptation | AlburyCity
Goldberg Aberline Studio

Installed: 2021

Adaptation is a large scale inflatable art work that looks at how clusters of organic life work together to improve the life of all organisms within that community.

The Fern | AlburyCity
Michael Laubli
The Fern

Installed: 2018

Michael Laubli’s single 3.4 meter high fern frond pays homage to all the native fern species nestled in bush land in our region from tree ferns to micro ferns.

Grow | AlburyCity
Warren Langley

Installed: 2015

Made from galvanised steel and representing the endangered crimson spider orchid, Grow offers dual visual experiences and transforms during twilight and at night.

Family Gathering | AlburyCity
Michael Quinn
Family Gathering

Installed: 2021

This is the way the family used to gather. This sculpture represents the importance of the family group, staying together and staying connected to the land.

See the Forest | AlburyCity
Designed by Carly Martin, Principle of Akimbo Architecture
See the Forest

Installed: 2021

Summer Place 2021 reflects on the experience of summer in the local region, and the significance of the river and specifically the trees and the shade they provide.

Noreuil Memoirs | AlburyCity
Vicki Luke
Noreuil Memoirs

Installed: 2020

Noreuil Memoirs celebrates the story of Noreuil Park Albury.

Goanna | AlburyCity
Kianna Edwards

Installed: 2014

Goanna represents one of the main totems for the Wiradjuri Nation. It holds a significant place in my spirit. It’s my totem. My story. My culture.

The Owl | AlburyCity
Dean Bowen
The Owl

Installed: 2014

A symbolic representation of both knowledge and learning associated with Libraries, the Owl also highlights the area’s endangered Barking Owl.

Fairy Wren | AlburyCity
John Wood
Fairy Wren

Installed: 2015

The superb Fairy Wren is a larger than life sculpture accurately depicting a brightly coloured male sitting on reeds.