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Our safe community is achieved through proactive programs and great partnerships with community, business, residential, health and emergency services groups

Outdoor alcohol restrictions

Together with the NSW Police and the Albury Liquor Accord we implement outdoor alcohol restrictions to discourage anti-social behaviour and crime that is fueled by drinking alcohol in public spaces.

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Inland Water Safety

While we want people to enjoy the water, it’s important to understand that it can be dangerous. There are a range of perils, from ice cold water to snags from tree branches and strong currents.

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Road safety

Our road safety program provides education and awareness initiatives designed to help reduce road crashes and trauma in Albury.

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The best way to manage graffiti vandalism in our community is for every resident and business owner to remove graffiti straight after it appears.

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Our Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) enables us to work together with NSW Police to help provide a safer environment, reduce crime levels by deterring potential offenders and aid in crime detection and apprehension of offenders.

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When Asbestos is disturbed, it produces a dust that contains asbestos fibres. Fibres breathed into the lungs can cause a range of health problems.

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Air quality

We are responsible for complaints about air pollution that relate to industries or facilities and for regulating and managing vegetation burn-offs.

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Provides the best possible protection against some dangerous diseases both for children and adults. Immunisation not only protects you and your family but others within our community.

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Mosquitoes and arboviruses

We monitor mosquito numbers, test mosquitoes for viruses, and investigate mosquito-borne diseases in our community to control Arbovirus.

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