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Becoming an Australian Citizen represents a commitment to Australia and our people, the values we share and our common future.

It gives a sense of belonging because you can fully participate in all aspects of Australian life. You will have the right to vote, to defend Australia and to serve on a jury. You will enjoy our freedoms, social and civil rights and the ability to express yourself as you wish.

What are the requirements for Australian Citizenship?

  • Permanent resident status for one year and have lived in Australia for at least 9 out of 12 months within the year
  • Lived continuously and legally in Australia for the past four years
  • Be physically present in Australia and have not been absent for more than twelve months in the last four years
  • Meet the good moral character requirements

Applying for Citizenship

To commence your application for citizenship you need to first contact the Federal Department of Immigration and Border Protection, to find out if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible, you can commence the application process which includes completing a form, paying a fee and attending a short interview.
The Department will notify you in writing if your application is successful - this can take up to three months. Once successful and your confirmation is granted in writing you are then scheduled to take part in a citizenship ceremony and will be contacted by your local Council (Albury residents will be contacted by AlburyCity and Wodonga residents by Wodonga Council).

For any enquiries regarding applying for citizenship or the progress of your application please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or phone the Citizenship information line on 13 18 80. Please note that AlburyCity has no involvement in approving your application.

Our role

AlburyCity welcomes 200-300 new citizens each year and hosts regular ceremonies for residents who have been approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The ceremony is a formal part of the citizenship process. You become an Australian Citizen on the date you attend the ceremony and make the Pledge of commitment to Australia. All ceremonies are conducted by the Mayor of Albury.

Annual Ceremony Dates

January (29 January 2024)
March (fourth Monday)
May (fourth Monday)
July (fourth Monday)
September (National Citizenship Day celebration)
November (fourth Monday)

Torre family, happy new citizens of Australia.