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Legionnaires disease and regulated systems

To prevent the spread of legionella we are required to maintain a register of cooling towers and warm-water systems.

Legionnaires' disease is an infection of the lung caused by the Legionella bacteria. The bacteria causes a form of pneumonia and it can be fatal. Legionella growth can be controlled by proper water treatment procedures and regular cleaning.

Cooling towers and warm water systems have become known as 'regulated systems' due to the fact they are regulated by the Public Health Act 2010 and the Public Health Regulation 2012. Proper installation, maintenance and cleaning of all 'regulated systems' is a legal requirement of the building owners and occupiers.

Regulated systems include:

  • Water cooling towers (for air conditioning or industrial applications)
  • Evaporative coolers (attached to non-residential premises)
  • Humidifying systems (for agricultural or industrial applications)
  • Warm water systems (including but not limited to thermostatic mixing valves in hospitals).

Regulated systems can be inspected at any time and building occupiers who fail to meet the requirements are liable to heavy fines or even imprisonment.

We are  required by law to keep a register of water cooling and warm water systems, to minimise and manage any potential public health risks.

Further information

Detailed requirements and standards are contained in the NSW Public Health Act 2010, Public Health Regulation 2012, AS/NZS 3666.2:2011, AS/NZS 3666.3:2011 and the NSW Code of Practice for the Control of Legionnaires Disease.

NSW Health: Legionella Control

  • To notify and register a 'regulated system' with us contact:

    Environmental Health Officer
    553 Kiewa Street
    PO Box 323
    Albury NSW 2640

    Phone: 02 6023 8111
    Email: info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au

    We will review and record all information collected in the Register of Regulated Systems and may undertake individual site inspections.

  • All water cooling systems can only be operated if they are equipped with a process designed to control microbial growth and only if the process is in continuous operation and certified annually.

    All regulated systems are required to be equipped with an operating and maintenance manual which includes details of inspections and services performed. Manuals and records must be kept on site.

    Please note: only a 'duly qualified' contractor can be engaged to install, operate and maintain regulated systems. The Office of Fair Trading licenses contractors who undertake this work.

  • If a cooling tower or water cooling system is no longer in operation on your site it must be decommissioned by a licensed contractor. The Office of Fair Trading licenses contractors who undertake this work.

    Once removed you should receive a decommissioning certificate which is required to be submitted to us by posting to AlburyCity Environmental Health Officer, 553 Kiewa Street, Albury NSW 2640 or emailing info@alburycity.nsw.gov.au, so that the water cooling system can be removed from the register of regulated systems.