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Towards Albury 2050 - Reporting Our Progress

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework outlines that Council must publish six-monthly progress reports on their website.

These reports provide Council’s achievements on the principal activities detailed in the Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

Community Engagement

Towards Albury 2050 is our Community Strategic Plan – it identifies our community’s most important priorities. The plan is developed with and on behalf of our community.

View our Community Engagement Report to gain insight into key findings from the community’s feedback that was used to prepare Towards Albury 2050.

Towards Albury 2050 Progress

Reports summarising progress against achievement towards our Community Strategic Plan – Towards Albury 2050.

Albury 2030 Progress
Progress reports from our previous Community Strategic Plan – Albury 2030.

State of Our City Report

This report, previously End of term Report, is prepared by each outgoing council and noted by the incoming council. The report shares to the community information on the implementation of Towards Albury 2050 outcomes and the achievement towards the community’s long-term vision.

The outcomes and strategic actions within Towards Albury 2050 are not the sole responsibility of AlburyCity. The State of Our City Report outlines achievements of projects and targets by AlburyCity, stakeholders and partners.