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Poultry and livestock

Council regulates the keeping of animals to ensure the health, safety and amenity of the community and environment.

We support responsible animal management - both for the welfare of the animals but also for the amenity of neighbours.

You need to make sure that your animals don't create a nuisance (noise, smell or unhealthy conditions causing pest and vermin issues) or a health risk to the surrounding community. Please ensure you keep the areas where animals are kept clean and of a size appropriate to the size and type of animal. Keeping feed contained is also very important to ensure pests are not attracted to the area.

Various pieces of legislation including the Companion Animals Act and Local Government Act state conditions such as distances from dwellings etc. that can be mandated.  Where problems arise, we can issue notices and orders regarding the numbers (including zero) and types of animals that can be kept on a property and the conditions under which they are kept - to preserve the amenity of the area.

If you have any questions regarding the number and type of animal you want to keep, please contact our customer service team on 02 6023 8111.

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If you want to keep poultry or livestock, the best approach is to make a time to speak to a Town Planner:

Phone: 02 6023 8111

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