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Sort and Save

Our centres have different charges for different materials, so if an item can be recycled, repurposed or reprocessed it is cheaper to dispose of, and some materials are accepted for free.

If a load is not sorted, it can be difficult to see what types of materials are in the load. Unsorted loads will either be rejected or charged at the general waste rate.

Sorting can be as simple as putting all of the household recyclables together, flattening any large cardboard boxes, putting bricks together, and separating timber, metals, electronic waste and green waste. By doing all of this, you can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, which ultimately helps our environment.

How to Sort your waste before leaving home

The Albury Waste Management Centre is divided into four drop-off areas.

To make your visit quick and hassle-free, we recommend that you load your trailer or vehicle by drop-off area.

For example, general waste items for the push pit (area 4) should go on the bottom, followed by green waste, then wood and building materials (area 3), any steel items (area 2) and lastly, load anything for the recycling centre (area 1) on top.

    • Batteries (vehicle & household)
    • Cardboard & paper
    • Reuseable clothing & footwear
    • Fire extinguishers & smoke detectors
    • Fluorescent lamps
    • Gas bottles
    • Mattresses*
    • Oils (motor & other) 20L limit
    • Paint (water & oil)
    • Hard plastics
    • Polystyrene
    • Soft furnishings*
    • Tyres (first two free)
    • Reusable household items (furniture, toys, knick-knacks etc)
    • Electronic devices (computers, TVs, mobile phones, game consoles, modems)
    • Refrigeration units (first one free)
    • Freezers
    • Air conditioners
  • Drop Off Area 2 - Steel keyboard_arrow_right
    • Microwaves
    • Mowers
    • Irons
    • Ovens and stoves
    • Dishwashers
    • Washing machines/dryers
  • (charges apply)

    • Green waste
    • Wood (pallets, stumps)
    • Concrete
    • Bricks
    • Tiles
    • Gyprock plaster
    • Clean Soil (free)
  • Drop Off Area 4 - Push Pit keyboard_arrow_right

    (charges apply)

    • General waste (anything that cannot be sorted)

How it works

Disposing of your waste at the Albury Waste Management has never been easier. And with a series of weighbridges now in operation, you can make your way through the centre, recycling as you go and saving money as you exit.