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Home based collection

We do not offer a kerbside hard waste collection service, however residents that have no capacity to take their hard waste to the Albury Waste Management Centre may be eligible for home based collection.

Collection conditions

  • You are entitled to one visit annually - two vouchers are to be surrendered to us when we arrive to collect your waste. Additional vouchers are required for mattresses (one voucher per mattress)
  • You must be home at the time of the pick-up and must supervise the collection (full day)
  • Waste must not be stored on the nature strip. It must be kept just inside your front yard
  • We are unable to enter your home, shed or rear yard
  • We are only able to collect one trailer load of green waste or one trailer load of general waste, or equivalent per collection

Hard waste items typically include

  • Small household furniture
  • Small household appliances
  • Electrical appliances, tools, equipment, mowers and small car parts
  • Kitchenware, pottery and crockery
  • Carpet, rolled and tied please (max 1.5m long)
  • Mattresses (additional voucher required for each mattress)

Green waste items typically include

  • Branches and prunings less than 1.8 metres in length (no longer than a 6 x 4 trailer)
  • Small tree roots - however, they must be able to be lifted by one person

What type of items won't be collected

  • Over-length and overweight items of any nature
  • Waste that exceeds the total volume allowed (a standard 6 x 4 trailer load)
  • Items that are unable to be lifted by two people (except for green waste, which must be able to be lifted by one person)
  • Waste from industrial and commercial premises or home business
  • Waste material from construction and demolition of buildings
  • Bricks, concrete, stone, clay, sand and soil
  • Liquids, whether or not in sealed containers including: paint, oil, garden sprays and chemicals
  • Hazardous waste, including asbestos
  • Tyres, batteries or gas bottles of any type
  • Timber greater than 1.8 metres in length (anything over the standard 6 x 4 trailer length)
  • Steel or metal (including large whitegoods). Residents are able to recycle steel or metal with local recycling businesses.
    It is the responsibility of the resident to recycle steel or metal with local recyclers or dispose of at the Albury Waste Management Centre

Am I eligible?

To be considered eligible,customers will need to prove they are unable to transport waste to the Albury Waste Management Centre themselves, or with support. If eligibility requirements are met customers will need to lodge a request with AlburyCity.

Are you eligible for home based collection?

To find out whether you are eligible for home based collection

Phone: 02 6023 8111

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