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Parking, hoarding, cranes and bins

For temporary parking or hoarding, scaffolding, cranes, lifts, skip and charity bins on the footpath, you will need approval.

AlburyCity supports the development and ongoing maintenance of our city, but in doing so you may find that you need to block footpath access to undertake these works. See below for key information about obtaining approval.

Policy & Guidelines

To undertake Temporary Parking, Hoist, Crane, Lift, Scaffold, Donation/Collection Bins, Shipping Containers, Skip Bins, Hoarding and Scaffolding on the footpath you are required to familiarise yourself with the followingour policies and guidelines:

Application Process

Complete an application if you are seeking approval for:

  • Parking
  • Hoist
  • Crane
  • Lift
  • Scaffold
  • Donation/Collection Bins
  • Shipping Containers
  • Skip Bins
  • Hoarding
  • Scaffolding