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Construction Certificates

After you’ve obtained a DA, you'll need to obtain a Construction Certificate to commence building works.

A Construction Certificate must be obtained before any building work commences, it’s your approval to start construction, verifying that:

  • The construction plans and specifications of the development are consistent with the development consent and complies with the Building Code of Australia.
  • All required development contributions and fees have been paid.
  • All development consent conditions that must be satisfied before a Construction Certificate can be issued have been met.

You can apply for a Construction Certificate at the same time as a Development Application, provided all supporting documentation for the application has been lodged as set out in the form. Generally this includes detailed construction and engineering drawings.

It’s important to understand that a Construction Certificates cannot be issued retrospective of the work and penalties may apply for unauthorised building works.

Once we've issued a Construction Certificate, we’ll need to undertake inspections of the works at stages detailed in your certificate.

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