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Building Works and Notification

Notify us prior to commencing work as part of your Construction Certificate or apply for an Occupation Certificate once works have been completed.

Notice of Commencement of Building Work

You’ll need to let us know when you plan to commence building works at least 2 business days prior. Simply complete and return to us the form as issued with your Construction Certificate.

Critical Stage Inspections

As part of the Construction Certificate process, we’ll need to undertake inspections of building works at stages detailed in your certificate. To book an inspection, get in touch with us on 02 6023 8111. We’ll need at least 24 hours notice so we can prepare for the inspection.

Occupation Certificate

Once all works have been completed as per the plans, you’ll need to obtain approval to occupy the building or other structure by applying for an Occupation Certificate.

Application process

To apply, you’ll need to complete the application form and provide the compliance certificates as outlined in your Construction Certificate. You can email these to

Once received, we’ll get in touch to make a final inspection. Upon a satisfactory final inspection, we’ll issue the Occupation Certificate.

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