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Albury 2030

Albury 2030 is the community's vision for the long-term social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the city, ensuring that Albury continues to be a great place to live, work and invest.

Towards 2030

The Albury Community Strategic Plan is called Albury 2030. Albury 2030 identifies our community vision for the future, long-term goals, strategies to get there and how to measure progress towards that vision.

Albury 2030 is structured under four strategic directions or themes. These are the areas on which the community would like Council and its many partners to focus.

Explore the Albury 2030 themes
Community Engagement

We are committed to working with and listening to our community to ensure you have your say on issues important to you.

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Resourcing Strategy

Our Resourcing Strategy aims to ensure that resources, assets and services are available as and when required to achieve the goals set out in Albury 2030.

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Albury 2050 reports
Towards Albury 2050 - Reporting Our Progress

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework outlines that Council must publish six-monthly progress reports on their website.

These reports provide Council’s achievements on the principal activities detailed in the Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan.

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Albury 2030 Community Strategic Plan Download your Copy [PDF | 6MB]