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Resourcing Strategy

Our Resourcing Strategy aims to ensure that resources, assets and services are available as and when required to achieve the goals set out in Albury 2030.

The Resourcing Strategy is integral in the Local Government Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) Framework and consists of Long Term Financial Planning, Workforce Management Planning and Asset Management Planning. The Resourcing Strategy provides the link between our Community Strategic Plan Albury 2030 (CSP) and Council's Delivery Program and Operational Plan. Where the CSP provides the community the opportunity to express their long-term community goals, the Resourcing Strategy details how we can help achieve these in terms of time, money, assets and people.

The Resourcing Strategy enables us to deliver our services to the community in the most sustainable way.

Long Term Financial Plan

It is crucial that financial planning for Albury 2030 is undertaken to test community aspirations against financial realities. The AlburyCity Long Term Financial Plan is a 10-year plan intended as a guide for future action.

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The Long Term Financial Plan is updated annually as part of the development of our Four-Year Delivery Program and the One-Year Operational Plan.

Asset Management Strategy

The Asset Management Strategy considers 'whole-of-life' asset management from planning, purchase, operation and maintenance to disposal of assets. New requests for infrastructure identified within the CSP must be considered and costed from purchase to disposal.

The CSP is integrated with the Asset Management Strategy, enabling us to demonstrate how the assets support the service delivery and infrastructure needs of the Albury community. The Asset Management Strategy forecasts community requirements and the capacity to meet them on a short, medium and long-term basis.

Workforce Management Strategy

To undertake the strategic actions and work towards the long-term vision and goals in the CSP, we must plan for the medium and long-term workforce needs. Our Workforce Management Strategy outlines how we will develop and prepare our people to meet the changing demands of our community as well as the emerging challenges faced by an ageing Workforce.

The key steps in developing the Workforce Management Plan included an analysis of our current workforce, consideration of future needs, identification of gaps and challenges as well as the development of strategies to address these gaps. Our challenges include our ageing workforce, encouraging diversity across the organisation, reducing turnover, embracing emerging technology, building internal leadership capability and attracting and retaining quality staff and those engaged in our critical roles.