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Our Strategies

Albury 2030 has four themes. These themes represent our economy, our environment, our community and our leaders. The development of strategic plans under each theme is one of the ways we can ensure we are considering community needs now and into the future.

A Growing Sustainable Economy This theme recognises the need to grow the city and its population so that businesses can confidently increase and expand their workforce. Learn More

An Enhanced Natural Environment This theme involves improving the health of the Murray River, being a leader in natural resource management and protecting local plants and animals. Learn More

A Caring Community This theme involves Albury being recognised as a cultural and creative city that embraces and celebrates its diversity; provides quality health care; supports children and young people, promotes positive ageing; encourages healthy lifestyles; values knowledge and life-long learning and is recognised nationally as a provider of quality education. Learn More

A Leading Community This theme involves establishing strong government and regional networks, empowering the community to contribute to the future direction of the city, developing future leaders and providing inclusive decision making processes. Learn More