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Albury’s proximity to the Murray River and local bushlands means we have a rich diversity of native animals including several species of snakes.

Photos by Matthew Lincoln and Rod Lowther

Some snakes are venomous but play a really important role in maintaining local food webs, ecosystems and controlling pest animals like mice and rats. Some common snakes seen within Albury include the Red-bellied Black Snake, Eastern Brown Snake and Tiger Snake.

Snakes are not naturally aggressive animals and will generally only attack humans if hurt, provoked, or try to be captured. All snakes and native wildlife are protected from harm under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 and Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

What to do if you see a snake

If you come across a snake stay calm and if safe to do so back away slowly and give the snake plenty of room to escape or move away.

Snakes on private property

Occasionally a snake may make its way into your backyard or home. If you wish to have the snake safely removed from your property, please do not try to remove the snake yourself and contact a licenced snake catcher to relocate the snake.

Snakes on Council owned parks/gardens

If there is a snake in one of our parks or gardens, please call our Customer Service team on 02 6023 8111.

However, if a snake is in a natural area and doesn’t pose a risk to the public, generally we won't have the snake removed.

For more information about snakes visit NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment

Local snake catchers

Hume Pest Control (Noel Crossman)
Albury and surrounds

Phone: 02 6023 2657 or 0412 576 541

Chris Porter
Albury and surrounds

Phone: 0432 175 513

Tristan Hamilton
Wodonga and surrounds

Phone: 0431 530 057

Darren Campbell
Yackandandah and surrounds

Phone: 0438 623 497