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Bees play an important role in the pollination of native plants and crops across Australia.

Australian native bees are smaller than exotic bees and tend to be solitary. European Honeybees have a distinctive yellow and black body and live-in large numbers called a hive.

From spring through to early summer European Honeybees can swarm if a hive becomes overcrowded and will move in search of a new home. When a swarm lands in a public area or close to a private residence they can cause a minor nuisance, however swarming bees are not dangerous and will not harm you if they are left alone.

Bee Swarms on Council Land

If there is a bee swarm on Council managed land, we may be able to intervene and arrange for a local Beekeeper or experienced contractor to remove the swarm from the site.

Please contact our Customer Service team on 02 6023 8111 to report a swarm on council land.

Bee Swarms on Private Land

If you have a bee swarm in your backyard or garden and would like it removed please do not try to kill or interfere with the bees as you are likely to get injured.

You can contact Albury Beekeepers Club on 0498 875 265 or as they can collect the swarm free of charge. If they are unable to attend or deem the situation too high risk, you may need to contact a local pest control company.

You can also view more information on swarms and what to do if you've found a swarm on the Amateur Beekeepers Australia website.

For more information on Bee swarms and their control download NSW Department of Primary Industries Agnote.

Local Beekeepers

Albury Beekeepers Club
Phone: 0498 875 265

Nash Clark
Phone: 0425 606 033

Luke Needham
Phone: 0431 739 550

Adrian Hoffman
Phone: 0451 869 584

If you are a local beekeeper and would like to be added to the directory please contact us on 02 6023 8111 or email