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Do-Do the Right Thing

Please continue to pick up after your pooch and keep our shared spaces clean, tidy and safe.

Award (Highly Commended)

AlburyCity recently received a Highly Commended Communication & Engagement Award Award from the 2023 Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Tidy Towns Awards.

Highly Commended Communications & Engagement Award Do-Do the Right Thing

Download the Winner's Book to learn more.

Rewarding our community for DO-DOing the Right Thing

AlburyCity has launched a fun new initiative that encourages the right behaviour in picking up after their pooch! 'DO-DO the Right Thing' was borne from a desire to keep our shared public spaces clean, tidy and safe for all users, whether you own a pet or not.

AlburyCity has also experienced an increased number of complaints from community members about unattended doggy doo in recent times.

Picking up after your dog is important to:

  • keep our city clean
  • reduce bad smells, and
  • make sure other people aren't accidentally stepping in your dog's business.

It also reduces the risk of pests, parasites and diseases being spread to our wild species and even humans, and protects our natural areas from pollution and disease.

“I hope the 'DO-DO the Right Thing' initiative is a reminder to dog owners to take a doggy bag with them whenever they take their best mate out for a walk.” — Mayor Kylie King

Do the Right Thing

If you thought the 'DO-DO the Right Thing' slogan sounded familiar, that's because it leverages the well-known 'Do the Right Thing' litter prevention campaign introduced by Keep Australia Beautiful in 1979, and running ever since.

AlburyCity has been a long-time partner of Keep Australia Beautiful, and supports the 'Do the Right Thing' message including litter prevention, illegal dumping and other community waste management issues.

Keep Australia Beautiful CEO Val Southam supported AlburyCity's innovative approach.

"I applaud AlburyCity for linking our famous 'Do the Right Thing' slogan to such a funny, memorable campaign." 

- CEO Val Southam

"Demonstrating desired behaviours is the key to encouraging behaviour change," she said.

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