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Prepare my application

When preparing your development application it’s important to include all necessary information and supporting documentation so we can assess your application. Find out what’s required.

To help you prepare your Development Application we've provided a guide for you, outlining information and documentation you'll need to submit with your application for assessment.

  • 1. Application Form keyboard_arrow_right

    For Development Applications or Complying Development Certificate applications, you'll need to complete the online application and input the required information through the NSW Planning Portal.

    If you require an additional type of approval such as a Construction Certificate, Plumbing Approval, Water Connect and/or Crossing Permit, please complete the relevant sections of the application form and upload as part of your online application.

    Owners Consent

    Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act) regulations enable application lodgement without the provision of written consent of all property owners affected by the development.

    Obtaining authorisation from all property owners affected by the proposal, (including adjoining owners) is the legal responsibility of the applicant. When lodging an application on the NSW Planning Portal the applicant makes a declaration that the consent of all property owners has been obtained.

    We encourage you to check the Land Title information for the property/s to ensure you are aware of the correct property ownership.

  • 2. Scaled Plans keyboard_arrow_right

    A set of legible scaled plans are required including:

    • Locality Plan
    • Site Plan - showing the location of the proposed development, indicating all levels, existing structures and vegetation. Identify site address, streets, adjoining properties and north point.
    • Floor Plan - existing and proposed
    • Elevations - showing view from all visible sides, labelled with orientation and showing height of structure
    • Subdivision Plan - if applicable
    • Shadow diagrams - if applicable
  • A Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) is required.

    Any expected impact of the development on the environment, adjoining premises or the public needs to be detailed in your SEE. It should also include a description of the current situation and the proposed development.You can refer to our guide to help you prepare your SEE.

    You'll find below templates you can use to help you complete your SEE.

  • 4. BASIX Certificate keyboard_arrow_right

    A BASIX Certificate is required.

    The following proposed development will require a BASIX Certificate:

    • New single dwellings and dual occupancy
    • New boarding houses, guest houses, hostels, lodging-houses and backpacker accommodation under 300m2
    • All new residential dwellings, including villas, townhouses and low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise developments
    • Extensions/modifications to living areas or wet areas to existing dwellings where works are valued over $50,000
    • New pools and outdoor spas in excess of 40,000L
  • 5. Additional Requirements keyboard_arrow_right

    Please refer to the ‘Development Application Document Matrix’ under ‘Attachments and Resources’ for a guide to which documents will be required for the type of application being applied for.

    Depending on your type of application, you may need to submit additional information to enable us to assess your application. This can be the case particularly with large scale or complex development proposals. We'll let you know what's required and why.

    We also may get in touch to request further information as a result of issues raised during public notification and the assessment process. Once the further information is received, the assessment and determination of your application can continue.

    It's important that you respond to any request and advise of any delay or difficulty in responding to the issues raised. If we don't receive a response, it may lead to an unfavourable decision.

Construction Certificates

If you're planning to apply for a Construction Certificate with your Development Application you'll also need to include:
  • Sectional plans including detailed construction
  • Specifications
  • Structural or civil engineering design
  • Soil tests where relevant
Lodge your application online... Apply anywhere, any time - submit your DA or CDC online through the NSW Planning Portal. Submit my application

Building and planning advice

Our City Development team are available to meet at our Kiewa Street offices to discuss your proposed development and provide advice in relation to our planning controls. Prior to arranging a meeting, we'll need to know:

  • Your name and a contact phone number
  • The full street address and suburb of the property
  • A detailed description of your development proposal
  • Concept or sketch of your proposed development
  • Any particular concerns you have already identified

We're not able to assess a Development Application prior to lodgement and can't guarantee approval prior to formal assessment of your application. Pre-lodgement meetings can bring to light issues that may need to be addressed prior to submission. For this reason we ask for a sketch or concept plan of your proposal and as much detail as possible to help focus the discussion.

To book a pre-lodgement meeting, please email your request including the details outlined above to

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