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Application Assessment

Understand how we assess your application and the process involved after you've submitted your proposal.

Once your Development Application has been lodged into our system we'll send an acknowledgement letter detailing your application number. Your proposal will then be advertised, publicly notified and queued with the relevant officer ready for assessment.

Application assessment

  • We undertake a detailed assessment of your Development Application in accordance with the criteria under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. Assessment includes consideration of:

  • Our Building and Planning team determines applications submitted to us under delegated authority without the need to report to a council meeting.

    However, a Development Application may be referred to council in circumstances where:

    • The proposed development involves significant departures from council's adopted guidelines or policies
    • Elected councillors make a request for the application to be determined by council
    • Significant public interest is generated by the application
  • Some developments may also require approval by another authority such as the Rural Fire Service, Roads and Maritime Services or AirServices Australia. This is known as Integrated Development, in these cases we'll need to refer the application to the relevant authority and seek their general terms of approval.

    Applications for Integrated Development must include an extra set of drawings, additional fee and may require additional documentation for the relevant authority, we'll let you know.

Important note for action

Responding to further information requests and providing additional and amended information.

With the introduction of application lodgement via the NSW Planning Portal, there have been some issues identified as functionality continues to be improved. As such we seek your assistance to ensure your application is assessed as quickly as possible and reduce the chance of delays. Here's what we kindly ask you to do while we work with the team at the NSW Planning Portal to improve your experience.

You need to provide new or amended information after your application is lodged:

As we do not receive an alert when new or amended documentation is uploaded to the NSW Planning Portal, (which isn't in response to a further information request), we ask you to advise us of the upload by email, stating your PAN number.

You've been requested to provide further information:

Where you receive a request from us for further information via the NSW Planning Portal, we ask you to wait until you can provide all information as requested, prior to upload. Partial response to the request will close off the action on the portal, and as such, when you upload the remaining information, we will not be altered.

In addition, please ensure when uploading your documentation, click on “Respond” via the “Additional Information Summary” tab to complete the request.

Requests for further information

We may request further information during assessment or as a result of public notification. Once the further information is received, we'll continue with assessment and determination of your application.

It's important that you respond to any request or advise of any delay or difficulty in responding to the items raised. If we don't receive a response, it may lead to an unfavourable decision.

Application determination

Once your application has been assessed and determined, you'll be issued with a formal "Notice of Determination" advising whether your development application has been approved (Development Consent) or refused (Development Refusal).

Notices of determined development are published in The Border Mail on a Wednesday or can be viewed through our DA Tracker.

Conditions of Consent

Your Development Consent will generally be subject and include conditions intended to protect the environment, community and neighbours. These conditions may require you to obtain further approvals or certificates before you can physically commence construction.

In addition, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment have provided Conditions of consent: advisory notes, which may be relevant for a person involved in carrying out the development approved under the consent.  The advisory notes should be read in conjunction with the Notice of Determination. A Construction Certificate will be required for any development involving physical works or structures.

As a legal document it's important to read, understand and abide by all the conditions of your consent.

Get an update on your application

Find out the progress, make a submission or see what's been determined.

Application Tracker

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