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Billson Park Community Garden

Our newest garden located in Billson Park, Albury

The Billson Park Community Garden was established in October 2020 by group of local families. The garden aims to build community connection, social interaction and a sense of belonging to the local to the neighbourhood .The community comes together to grow food and other plants, learn new skills and meet other people. It promotes a sense of place and identity through shared activities.

Regular events are organised to bring people together to learn about gardening and food production.  It’s activities try to be fun and enjoyable for the physical and mental health of its members and to offer a community space to be visited and enjoyed by all. They foster a spirit of working together .

Feel free to take a look around the gardens but please respect the hard work of the volunteer gardeners and do not help yourself.

Key Dates each month:

Regular working bees are held on the second and fourth Saturdays of each month.

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Community gardens provide a space for like-minded individuals to get their hands dirty in a communal area, the opportunity to learn about gardening from the basics to the more advanced and brings together people from different areas, backgrounds and cultures to work as a community.