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Establish a community garden

Our aim in supporting and establishing community gardens in Albury is to create an inclusive and nurturing gathering space that is committed to the principles of sustainability of growing and sharing of food

Our objectives are to:

  • improve food security and promote healthy eating
  • enhance the use of green space in Albury
  • increase community connection and reduce social isolation
  • strengthen local neighbourhood dynamics
  • build a strong sense of place
  • reduce our environmental impact
  • encourage local biodiversity and connect with nature
  • increase the number of locals engaged in food growing
  • nurture curiosity and provide hands-on learning for children
  • ensure longevity of the gardening community by using sustainable management practices which are open, participatory and non-judgemental.

There are certain guidelines for establishing Community Gardens these include:

  • The proposed Community Garden has been led by whole of community and not individuals.
  • A proposed garden location needs to be in a suburb or area that does not already have a garden.
  • Identified site must be on land that is owned and or managed by AlburyCity and that there are no plans for development, playground expansion or for new water mains. The proposed site will be discussed internally to determine if it is appropriate and can support a community garden.
  • The site needs access to water.
  • Funding to establish a community garden. The community group are encouraged to submit an application to the Community and Cultural Grants. An application needs to demonstrate support from more than just one person in the neighbourhood.

If community groups are successful in receiving a grant AlburyCity will work with the group to establish the garden.

We are keen to support the establishment of gardens when the neighbourhood and community are supportive of the concept. From experience we have learnt that our team is able to manage the development of three gardens at any one stage – one that is at the consultation stage, one that is at the planning stage and one that is at the installation stage.

So, if you would like to express interest in establishing a community garden please contact us.