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We’re calling on you to pledge your support to our local businesses and show them some love during this difficult time.

Support local for your chance to win!

It's time to get involved - we're asking you to pledge your support to our local businesses, especially to those who need it the most. The creative arts and culture, health and beauty, accommodation and entertainment sectors are just a few who've faced challenges and would love your support.

Not only will you be doing something special for our community, you'll also have a chance to win!

Together we can make a difference - let's help our local businesses that need it most, especially during this challenging time.

There are plenty of ways to pledge your support, here are just a few:

  • Order your next meal as takeaway from a local café or restaurant.
  • Buy your next pair of runners at a local retailer.
  • Buy a voucher from a local beauty salon.
  • Book a stay-cation at a local hotel.
  • Buy the album of a local musician.
  • Purchase a piece of local artwork or photography.
  • Stock up on coffee beans from my local café.
  • Shout yourself to a new outfit from a local fashion retailer through click and collect.
  • Buy the book of a local author.
  • Order stationary supplies locally.
  • Forego event refunds.
  • Buy a gift for a friend or family member from a local business.
  • Volunteer time to help a local business.
  • Look for new offerings at local retailers (online for now of course).
  • Share social media initiatives through personal or business social media channels.
  • Buy a gift card from a local business.

For more about #MyLocalPledge, get in touch with our Economic Development team on
02 6023 8111.

Take the #MyLocalPledge

What's your pledge to support local businesses? Snap a short video and upload to your social account - don't forget to use #MyLocalPledge and tag AlburyCity!