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How to submit a tender

Our Tenders and EOIs are advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald, local newspapers and on our website.

Our Tenders and EOIs are also advertised electronically and can only be submitted via our E-Tendering System, Tenderlink. This system speeds up the tendering cycle and reduces the time and costs for both AlburyCity and our suppliers.

In order to be able to access Tenders in this system, you must first be a registered Supplier. Register Now and follow the prompts.

Once you are registered, you will be guided through the process of applying and lodging submissions to council for Tenders and EOIs.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does procurement mean? keyboard_arrow_right

    Procurement is the process of buying goods and services in such a way so as to achieve the greatest value for money as opposed to trying to achieve the lowest price.

  • Value for money is a measure of the amount of benefit gained from the purchase of a good or service as opposed to its value in dollar terms. It takes into account quality, effectiveness and total cost of ownership as opposed to just the purchase price.

  • A tender is a formal process that Council may use to purchase goods and services from suppliers that is governed by a set of legally binding rules. Please contact Procurement & Contact Management at AlburyCity for more detail.

    A quote is an informal request for pricing for the supply of goods and services so as to allow for a comparison between potential suppliers. This approach is generally used for lower value purchases and is generally less formal than a tender.

    An Expression of Interest (EOI) is simply a request for information from possible suppliers. It does not commit the Supplier or Council to any a price or provider. It is simply a way of asking for information from perspective suppliers.

  • AlburyCity does not have a pre-qualification process for potential contractors. Only vendors offered contracts for the supply of goods or services that require registration under Councils WHS policy will be registered.

  • No late tenders cannot be accepted, except where there are exceptional circumstances and it has been approved by Council.

  • Tenders are to be lodged via Tenderlink.

    Quotations can be submitted directly via email unless stated otherwise in the request for quotation.

  • Yes. The questions in the tender and schedules are designed to ensure the best provider for the contract. Your responses are used in the tender evaluation.  Failure to complete the information can result in your tender being marked as non-conforming.

  • No. Contacting Councillors or other Council officers about a tender is forbidden by the Conditions of Tender and will result in your tender being excluded by Council. All contact regarding the tender must be via the Tenderlink forum provided.